“The house is great. We spent a fortnight there over Xmas/New Year with our kids and various friends coming and going. So we settled into it then and have spent most weekends since getting things ready for rentals (at a suitably sedate pace of course).

“One of our friend’s teenage daughters made a comment after a few days there (without any seeding from us) that it was just like camping, so you certainly got the feel right!

David |  Lot 86


“Thank you very much to you and your staff for making sure everything went smoothly for us during the build and making sure everything is perfect. We love the new kitchen and we are using the deck every day, which is great.

Kathy | East Brisbane


“This was such a new idea to me; I didn’t know anyone at the time that had ever used an architect, so I was truly traveling blind. I did my research, and chose Mick Hellen at Aardvarc because (A)  he was well known in the AIA (B) a winner (C) a bit hippy but likes fishing  (D) evidently good at making nice QLD  style homes (E) also builds.  I was pleased with the experience, Mick and his team through the whole experience have been helpful, prompt, patient and accommodating.  I also wanted someone who could give my little bro (the builder) some guidance or advice if required. He could also help both me, and my brother, learn about the whole process – design, development approval, building approval, energy efficiency assessment, construction contract review and selection, etc.  I was reserved somewhat in my approach to the whole building process as I had heard SOOO many horror stories, or been advised by so many people of how difficult and frustrating the process is. So far – all good!”

Esther | Switch