RAIA 2007 2007 RAIA Central Queensland Regional Building of the Year and Sustainability Award winner.

“It has a beautifully judged elegance achieved without any ostentation. The subtle greens of the lightweight cladding tone with the translucent panels recede into the shadows of the gnarled Bloodwoods, Xanthorrhoea and Livingstonias, leaving only the tracery of the fine timber battened construction on show. The stepping longitudinal section of this project is masterful in directing view, inducing ventilation and choreographing lifestyle. Handrails, roof pitches, floor levels and framing details have a rightness that can only come from a love of nature, a mastery of construction methods and an absolute commitment to architectural quality.”
RAIA Judge 2007 Peter Skinner Head of Architecture, University of Qld


Victoria’s 2010 Design Festival – State of Design – Scale vs. Status competition

The competition required a design with 1:50 model and plans to demonstrate how a respectable size home for a given situation can have thermal and energy efficiency and sustainable material selection.